Home of offroad in Essex.

Offroad 4x4 are maybe the most exciting way of driving today and here at Essexoffroad – the newest course in the South East – we make sure you test your driving skills to the limits.


The course is set in 25 acres of heavily-wooded, disused gravel pits with extreme terrain that will test your technical knowledge, decision-making abilities and sheer courage. The inclines are steep (VERY steep), the axle-twisters like corkscrews and the water hazards large. You’re going to need every ounce of what you’ve got to get through this challenge.

There are three levels – Novice (the green course), Intermediate (the red course) and Expert (the black course, for which a full roll cage & roof is compulsory). One-to-one driver training is available.

If you’re up for the driving experience of a lifetime, then give Charlie a ring on 01277 352245 to sort out your FREE YEAR’S membership. Then get on down here and see what you can do.